Blyk offers brands the unique opportunity to reach and engage with a highly profiled opt-in audience. Resulting in a high ROI on the advertising investments.

A combination of rich media and customer dialogues allows brands to drive awareness, engagement, activation and sales.

Four key elements of the Blyk service that help brands to achieve their communication objectives:


    • Customers can only join the Blyk service through an opt-in. Advertising strongly benefits from the opt-in because customers are open to receive relevant advertising

Profiled audience

    • Every customer interaction is carefully stored, generating dynamic profiles. Advertisers may target on demographics and specific interest areas.


    • Customers on the Blyk service are used to regular interaction through the dialogues and various competitions. This interaction drives the performance of the advertising campaigns run on Blyk


    • Customers on the Blyk service are very open to receiving relevant content at their location. Advertising with value offers is by far the most wanted form of Location Based Communication.

Advertising Campaigns

Blyk has served thousands of great Mobile Advertising campaigns to millions of opted-in customers all over the world. From very simple, yet highly effective, cast SMS campaigns to very advanced rich media campaigns to insightful dialogue campaigns.

Many leading brands have discovered the high impact of the Blyk advertising channel. Campaigns have proven to be most effective when using a mixture of the mobile internet and messaging. As the messaging inbox is always "on", the brands get the opportunity to drive customers to their app / mobile internet site.

Some examples of great campaigns: