Blyk Media Platform

Blyk provides a fully hosted solution enabling easy to integration and in a short space of time.

The Media Platform consists of four main systems:

Member Gateway

Member Gateway monitors and analyses the lifecycle of a Blyk media program subscriber. Lifecycle data includes enrolment, profile updates, activity rate monitoring, possible incentive evaluation & reporting, subscriber notification messages and opt-out information.

Ad Management

Ad Management offers back-office tools for media program management and operations via secure web interfaces and handles the Blyk media program lifecycle. The lifecycle includes campaign planning, booking, content creation, delivery (using Ad Execution) and reporting.

Ad Execution

Ad Execution delivers Blyk's media programs to its subscribers. It sends and receives messages to and from subscribers and implements operator specific messaging requirements, such as message routing, protocol adaptation and flow control / throttling.

Analysis & Insight

Analysis & Insight offers analysis capabilities for subscriber and media program data.